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Why “Saturated Existence”? My life is richer when I experience each moment fully, allowing each moment to be  completely saturated. I invite you to saturate your life with experiences: observations, emotions, activities, relationships.  Here I will share my art and observations. 

The image is of a mural I completed in January. My goal was to create as happy an image as I could while expressing some of the character of the neighborhood. The area is predominantly Hispanic and the mural is located on the side of a local Mercado. I chose to feature  paletas which may look like popsicles but they are better! They are typically made with  fresh fruits, juices, flavorings and cream. The paletas symbolize the good in life which all of us deserve. I like how the girl ‘s expression shows how she is enjoying the sweet treat and the boy is handing us  a paleta to share. We are born deserving of the best this life has to offer!

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